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What Linc Coworking is about


LINC has come quite a long way since the launch of Luxembourg’s challenging online directory in 2008. To flourish in this... well, “old school” business sector, innovation and creativity had to be on the daily agenda, to the extent that it has become a cornerstone of our DNA.

In addition to investing in several start-ups and helping them grow, we have become a Fit4Digital partner and assist SME in their digitalisation process. Furthermore, we have strongly grown and then spun-off Aour IT department to create Linc Technology Partner. The company remains part of the group and offers IT consulting and developing services focused on innovation, digitalisation and automation.

Hosting several start-ups and IT experts, the next logical step was to develop a complete ecosystem of mutually beneficial experts. The concept of LINC Coworking was born.


LINC Coworking’s vision is to create an efficient ecosystem of SMEs, start-ups, consultants and experts, contributing if possible to the success of each other through their complementary expertise, while pursuing their individual growth.

The gathering of diverse expertise and complementary networks allows everyone to exchange, learn and evolve thanks to the contribution of fellow Lincoworkers.