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Join us... if you can.


To set up and develop our unique ecosystem, we welcome all types of small companies, start-ups and self-employed that complete our offer and network.

Although we are potentially open to any type of tenant who completes our ecosystem, we are particularly interested in covering following areas:

Service / Field of expertiseService provider
Small SMEs, start-upsApplications always open
IT development & consultingLinc Technology Partner
IT project managementLinc Technology Partner
Sysadmin, infrastructureApplications open
IT freelancers and specialistsApplications open
Consultants in innovation and bootstrapping (lean...)Linc Technology Partner + Applications open
Digital marketingApplications open
UX / UI specialistsLINC + Applications open
Growth hacking specialistApplications open
Consultants in gamification, customer journey,...Applications open

You cover a different area of expertise which you think could be valuable to our ecosystem? Don’t be shy, challenge us by applying below.




If you think you complement our ecosystem and if, like us, you believe that innovation, performance and collaboration are the cornerstones of success, feel free to apply.